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Whether its a sunset, or the waves crashing onto the shore, or a bird twittering away happily, they will make you notice the smaller things. Whether its a sudden restaurant date, or a sudden trek in the Himalayas, they will always keep you on your toes, ready for action and whole lot of fun. Whether its tips for packing quickly or knowing in-depth about the Incans, they will always surprise you with their knowledge.

Such strong individuals are not just great to be around, theyre also great to be with. You will never have a dearth of surprises with them.

The hippie coastal destination is popular with the Silicon Valley elite.

He posted a picture of the Radcliffe Camera, taken from the tower of St Mary's Church at Oxford University, with the caption: 'Getting my crash course: Oxford overview with the help of a view from above.' Dreaming spires: Watson took Knight on a trip of Oxford, where she had studied before attending Brown University.

Knight wrote 'getting my crash course Oxford overview' about the view - which shows the Radcliffe Camera from the spire of St Mary's Church The traditional English country pub boasts a 'gin pantry' with more than 100 varieties, along with cask ales and British favorites like battered haddock, pork and leek sausages and bread and butter pudding on the menu.

One image shows a student holding a camcorder while his topless friends clutch cans and a Sherlock Holmes-style pipe.

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If youre confused about who you are and what youre meant to be, they will help you find your purpose.

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