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That’s unfortunate, as she’s a rising actress in her own right that should be known for the kinds of roles she chooses to play (“I try to play characters who are empowered and strong,” she says in And so we should not be ashamed of Amber, either.

It seems some queer female fans are dismissing the actress over her “going back to guys,” but Amber is proud to be bisexual, and we should be proud another openly out bisexual actress has been becoming successful in the industry.

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If you would like to learn how to approach, meet and attract women, step-by step in real-life situations so you are then able to start dating lots of women or stop and get a loving girlfriend, then this might be the most exciting message you ever read! Well, to start with – I didn’t know how what to say to start a good conversation with a woman, let alone continue the conversation, spark attraction, flirt, genuinely connect and then ‘move things forward’. Meaning that most women would see me a potential friend (if that! If I did manage to get an interaction going with a woman, my body language sometimes displayed nervousness (e.g. I was working in a good management job, I dressed fairly well, had a few good friends and drove a decent car…but, I still struggled to get a girlfriend!

Despite the storyline being a familiar one, it still felt fresh because of the wedding setting (I never thought I'd ever write those words), and it was still entertaining to watch Ted make those wrong decisions—like asking about Cassie's recent breakup because he's Ted and he's a nice guy and that's what a nice guy would do, or choosing the dining room instead of the bar so that he's forced to spend an entire meal with Cassie and her parents—because the pay off at the end was worth it.

And for Ted to make all of those mistakes with the HIMYM version of the Knight Templar from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade telling him that he chose poorly after each one was actually really funny.

As I walked in, she jokingly asked me the usual question, “So, Dan…did you pick up this time?

” What followed was a heartfelt discussion that led me to say…

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She joins the likes of Evan Rachel Wood and Anna Paquin who identify as bi or queer and are not hiding their sexuality despite their having male partners.