Naw dating

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Naw dating

It sounds like Tyga is rapping about his and the "superstar's" (aka our girl Kylie) on-off relationship.

After having split (seriously, we lost count), this is the first time the duo's breakup has lasted longer than a couple weeks - before they show up together on each other's Instagram feeds.

When I’m getting up, he’s going to sleep, and it’s nice. Well, clearly she's elated about her new love life. She actually exposed the details of how their romance came to be and from the info she gives, the whole thing seemed super innocent at first. It was one of those natural evolutions…but you know, again, I’m going to stay tight-lipped about that.

I am a people person which means I like being around others experiencing a range of activities. Friends often describe Im a very caring,generous,loyal,honest and lovable person with a sense of humor ! I also like going for walks,movies,cafes,nice romantic dinners either in or out im not a bad cook ! Hey, There i'm an outdoors kinda girl I love walks on the beach, mowing the lawn & detailing my car, A huge sports fan I enjoy watching Nrl, Cricket, & Wwe Wrestling & currently play Soccer for the local womens team. 'Wiping noses and stopping children from killing each other', Had thoughts of leaving this section empty....hmmmmm..did,t seem big enough to accomodate all the achievements i have made in my life...i thought what about the things i haven,t ....hmmmmm. For now though I'll say that I am happy to be where I am in my life :) Ok so I've had a bit of time to think about what I am passionate about music, theatre, and the arts in general. I like to hear about a woman's journey in becoming the woman she is today. A glance, the sound of her voice, the way she moves, that is the stuff wonderful women are made of. I will be writing more about myself in a little while.

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