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Standing at 4'11", the diminutive woman responded to the accusation by claiming the much larger teen threatened to harm her baby if she didn't relent, and he forced himself on her in her bedroom.

The boy, now 6'2" tall, acknowledged swiping one of his mother's condoms before going to Greenwald's home that night, an act her attorneys suggested supports her claim.

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The boy, now 16, told authorities he consented to Greenwald's wants. But at trial, her attorneys painted the boy as the aggressor, seemingly stopping short of calling him a rapist.

When his friends left Greenwald's apartment, he was alone with her in her bedroom, he said.

Throughout his testimony, Greenwald shook her head in disagreement, particularly when he denied that he forced himself on her.

Rebecca Mc Graw, 38 (pictured), from Port St Lucie, Florida, was arrested and charged for having sex with a 15-year-old boy.

Police say she would pay him to up to 0, let him use her credit and debit cards, and allowed him to use her car without her presence A Florida woman was arrested for allegedly paying a 15-year-old boy up to 0 for sex.

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Records show that Mc Graw told police she knew the boy's age since fall 2016 and reported performing sex acts on him 'multiple times in 20'.

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